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Speed T&F Program

The Speed T&F  program is designed to improve the athlete's speed, power, technique, and mental fortitude. Athletes will benefit immensely from the education workshops, core strengthening, muscular endurance and energy systems training/conditioning. This is a great way to compliment your athlete’s sport, maintain their fitness level and give them a competitive edge.

Speed T&F is the only program that uses Dartfish Technology (performance analysis software) under the watchful eye of a USATF Level 3 Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a USATF Level 2 Sprints, Hurdles and Endurance Coach!

Program Components

Speed Development/Training Speed

Proper speed development requires improving nervous system function. At Speed T&F we improve nervous system function through proper drill sequences that address the neuromuscular system!


Every joint has a different capacity for power and speed. At Speed T&F we use land based drills including low level plyometrics in the forms of bounding, Russian hops as well as progressive overloads to achieve age appropriate levels of strength.


Depending on the racing distance or sport, each energy system is addressed by training proper distances with the proper work to rest ratios.

Technique (Fundamentals)

At Speed T&F we teach form before function; including proper postural alignment, limb movement and proper angles and degrees of pushing, while running.

Mental Fortitude

Part of the performance model at Speed T&F includes focusing on cognitive development, emotional control, concentration and focus of attention.


Training with the Speed T&F program has a tremendous carry over effect and compliments all sports as it relates to "sport speed". Benefits include:

  • Increased first step quickness and acceleration.
  • Increase in absolute and optimal speed.
  • Increase in power.
  • Increase limb movement.
  • Improve strength.
  • Increased mental fortitude.

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Speed T&F is designed to compliment your athlete’s sport and runs during their off-season. We offer both a summer and a winter program.

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